Information is the key to any business & classifications around content are crucial. Sway the power of content & systems to empower your business. From integrating a simple content management system such as WordPress to developing an enterprise content management, document management, client intranets/extranets, & community websites & beyond, tell us about your CMS needs.

Handling information can be thought-provoking, especially if you are a startup or an SME (Small-to-Medium Enterprise). Growing companies understand this task & invest in this requisite at an initial stage. On the contrary, larger businesses continue to invest in system growth to service their workflow requirements.

CodeSense has lots of experience with Content Management Systems, both custom & open source. We have run content heavy websites, intranets, web apps & mobile services for businesses in numerous industry verticals.

We'll save your money by giving you control

Content management systems give users the freedom & control to add to or edit their website content at any time. At CodeSense, our content management systems are designed with simplicity & supreme functionality for both technical & non-technical users.

Keeping your website content updated is necessary to maintain a fresh & sharp image for your company. With a content management system, you will have the ability to write, add or update content as often as you like & at any time of the day or evening. This allows you to complete tasks at your own convenience, as oppose to waiting on web designers or office hours. Publishing articles or renewing content in no way requires the skills of a professional website developer, So, why wait on one?


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The benefits of a Custom Content Management System (CMS)

Simple & Easy

Once your website is ready to launch, we will teach you & any relevant staff members how to log in & make changes. The steps are simple & the system is easy to use. You don't need to know a thing about coding!

Keeping Content Fresh

Adding new blog entries & articles can be completed with just a few clicks. This will allow you to update your content frequently & maintain an active online presence.



The more frequently you apply new content, the more Google will notice your website. And of course, there are techniques you can utilize with a content management system, designed for search engine optimization.

Clean & Creative

Operating a content management system is likely to spark up your inner creativity, as you update articles & text yourself. It's simple to use & keeps the back end of your site organized. For content editing options with basic offerings, CodeSense can offer you other programs utilized by our programming team. These include WordPress, Drupal, & Joomla, all of which can be altered & customized uniquely to your company & business needs.

Not sure which content management system will provide the best solution for you? Contact our friendly team & organize a consultation today. We'll discuss your current situation & determine which system will operate best to meet the needs of your business & assist you to fulfill the aims of your company.

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